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Perfect Gifts for People who have Everything

Tired of searching for the perfect gift for someone who seemingly has it all? Look no further than personalized gifts! Not only does personalizing a present with an individual's name, favorite quote or special date make it unique, but it shows you put in the extra effort to find something truly meaningful.

Personalization gives you the option to transform pretty much any product on the market, into a one-of-a-kind gift! Depending on the product, there are options of hand engraving, calligraphy, painting, gold foiling, wood burning, embossing, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s a list of ideas and examples that clients have requested customization on in the past:

Hand Engraved Tiffany & Co Wine Glasses Toronto
Hand Engraved Tiffany & Co Wine Glasses

- Fragrance bottles

- Candles

- Liquor bottles

- Wine and champagne glasses

- Pens and stationery

- Jewelry and heirlooms

- Ice buckets

- Picture frames

- Thermal flasks

- Cosmetics

- Luggage tags

- Purses and totes

- Leather/faux leather journals

- Urns (yes, even urns)

Hand engraved Fragrance Bottle in Toronto
Engraved Victor Rolf Fragrance

Hand engraved Champagne Coupes
Engraved Anniversary Baccarat Champagne Coupes

Aside from pressurized bottles such as Champagne, nearly everything can be hand engraved. Hand engraving is perfect for glass, metal and stone items. Champagne bottles can still be personalized, with calligraphy using paint or vinyl. For items made of fabrics and leather such as luggage tags and journals, embossing and hot foiling are recommended.

Leather engraving gold foil
Gold Foiled Fragrance Atomizer Case

The next time you have to buy a gift for any special celebration or milestone, consider looking for a Calligraphy Artist to help you tailor something that will make your client or loved one feel extra special and appreciated.

Take a look at the services I offer to see how I can elevate your gift experience!

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