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Toronto Calligraphy Wax Stamp Stationery

Mulberry Tree Letters

Mulberry Tree Letters is a Toronto based Calligraphy and Engraving studio

specializing in Modern and Traditional Calligraphy, Hand Engraving and Personalized Gifts. 

Experienced in Brand Activations and Live PR Events,

Mulberry Tree Letters is trusted by luxury Fashion Houses and Major Brands. 

Our services include: Calligraphy, Engraving, Leather Foiling and much more.

Contact us today to discuss how Mulberry Tree letters can elevate your brand!

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Pam has spent much time discovering life

in various cities around the world before moving to Toronto,

a city she has been calling home for over 10 years.


Pam’s calligraphy journey began as a child, when she received her first Sheaffer

Calligraphy pen kit. She developed a love for penmanship and lettering during those

early elementary years, when ‘bubble lettering’ was all the craze.

Little did she know that her passion for the art of writing would be further evoked

in her adult life as she delved into the beautiful world of Brush and Pointed Pen Calligraphy.

Pam’s work aspires to bring hope and joy through beautiful words and letters.

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